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Hello, my name is Ainsley. Whether it's Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitar, I can help you learn and improve. As a passionate music educator I have nearly 50,000 lessons' experience which I draw upon to make each lesson just right for you! I've taught hundreds of happy pupils over the years, young to the not-so-young, complete beginner to advanced.


I'm also qualified to teach guitar specifically and have been a Registered Guitar Tutor since the 1990s. This means you can be confident that you're receiving the best possible quality of guitar education for yourself or your family members.


I am happy to work with your preferences and tastes, skills and musical ambitions. That could include learning your favourite songs, learning the techniques of your favourite players, working towards a specific qualification or simply enjoying the whole guitar playing journey in general. It's all fun!





“Ainsley's an absolutely lovely guy. I've been having bass lessons with him for six years now and he still hasn't run out of new things to show me.

Not only is he an enthusiastic, cheerful and funny teacher but he also has a boundless store of musical knowledge. He's brill!” - S Ashton


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"An excellent tutor and exceptional guitarist, I had lessons with Ainsley for 3 years, he has a great sense of humour and a patient and encouraging manner when conducting lessons. I would recommend Ainsley to anyone considering learning to play the guitar or seeking to improve their skills." - S Latham


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Acoustic, electric and bass tuition from beginner to grade 8


“Techniques are learnt in context, so you hardly realise you are in a lesson. I wouldn't now have lessons from anyone else." - S Follet


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All our lessons have the option of being in-person or via the internet, whichever is the most convenient for you.


The cost is £74 per calendar month, based on 30 minutes per week. If you would like more than 30 minutes just get in touch with us for a price.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or standing order if using an online service.


Spare time at a premium? Contact us for a quote for home visits from Ainsley himself.

If you want to use Skype, it’s really easy to use - simply click on the logo opposite to download Skype to your computer - we can even help with setting it up if you have problems! Then once it’s set up we can see each other on our screens and start the lessons!



 Don’t be shy - we’d love to hear from you

133 Moor View Rd



S8 0HH


07716 871351

"Ainsley taught me for a number of years and I learnt a great deal from him. He really helped me to understand the structure of other people's music and thus improving my own. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting learn a great deal from an excellent guitar tutor." - P Washer


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Girl Gone Bad

We now offer vocal tuition with renowned performer and recording artiste Debbie Bilson.


Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm a vocal tutor and lead vocalist in the band Girl Gone Bad.

I love to teach vocals to anyone looking to improve their technique, tone and range.

I teach well-researched techniques in an informal and enthusiastic way, which means that you'll have a great vocal grounding and have a lot of fun too!

It doesn't matter what kind of music you like and what vocal style you'd like to work on, I'll be able to help.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

How long do lessons normally last and how often should I have them?


Lessons can be in-person, online or even a mixture of both if you prefer. They are usually 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length, weekly or fortnightly. 


How much do lessons cost and how do I pay for them?


As of 2020, the lesson rate is £17 per 30 minutes (or multiples of 30 minutes) paid for by standing order or bank transfer. This makes the process quick and simple. There is no contract or tie-in at all: a standing order can be cancelled or amended by you at any time. 


How many lessons do I need?


Think of guitar lessons as being like learning a language. Some may be happy with enough basics to get served in a restaurant, some may want or need to become fluent. I have taught people of all ages and abilities for just a few weeks up to well over a decade!


Can I mix online and in-person lessons?


Of course you can.


I don't want to do grades. Is that okay?


Most people I've ever taught don't go down the grading route. I'd estimate roughly 10%. Usually people take grades to enable access to college and University courses.


Are guitar lessons scary?


Not at all. There is no pressure from me at all. Learning guitar should be structured for sure, but always fun!


Can I wait inside whilst my partner/child has a lesson or if I arrive early?


There is a comfortable waiting room, but this isn't in use currently because of the Covid situation. It will be in use again as restrictions relax.


Are online lessons as effective as in-person lessons?


The vast majority of my pupils find that they are, although obviously they're different. Did you know that you can record Zoom and Skype, meaning that you can keep the lessons for future use and reference? That works well for people!


I'm a complete beginner and have no musical background. Can I really become proficient? 


Absolutely! In fact many of the world's great players and songwriters aren't from "musical backgrounds" and we all start at the very beginning! The vast majority of us have musical potential. It just needs the right approach, time and patience to bring it out!


I can get guitar tuition elsewhere for less. Why should I pay more?


Guitar tuition in general is an unregulated area meaning that literally anyone who can play guitar to any level can claim to be a guitar teacher! This can lead to you having lessons with someone unqualified, inexperienced and just plain old bad at teaching! This could put you off learning guitar, and that would be a great shame!


Do you teach any other instruments?


Debbie teaches vocals here and I teach drums too. Get in touch for details, as spaces are limited.


What Exam Syllabuses do you follow?


Usually Registry of Guitar Tutors (University of West London), but also Rockschool when needed. I can incorporate other exam boards into my lessons as required.


Can you help with my GCSE/A Level music exams? 


Absolutely. I do that frequently!


A six-month programme to cover all the theoretical fundamentals to help align and create synergy with practical lessons.


With small size workshops of 8 people these 1.5-hour sessions will help you to understand the theory behind practical application of the instrument you are learning and help you become a more effective musician.


19th March 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 1 - Rhythms


23rd April 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 2 - Scales


21st May 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 3 - Arpeggios


18th June 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 4 - Chords


16th July 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 5 - Modes


9th September 2023 Fundamentals Workshop 6 - Classic Chord Progressions


Book now to secure a place – £50 deposit to secure a place.

Great guitar made easy

Monthly WorkshopsIn-house or on-line lessons from £17

sheffguitarschool@gmail.com07716 871351  


Unlock the full potential of your musical performance, elevate the prowess of your band, and elevate the quality of your studio recordings with our unparalleled expert 1:1 sessions.


We are committed to providing you with a transformative experience, tailored specifically to your unique musical aspirations. Whether you're a budding musician seeking to refine your skills, a band striving for harmonious synergy, or a studio artist craving impeccable sound production, our sessions are designed to empower you with invaluable insights and techniques.


Experience the pinnacle of musical excellence as we guide you towards achieving your artistic goals.

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